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Today we have more options to educate our children than ever! With so many choices, however, choosing the best school for your child can be very difficult.  There are many questions to consider when deciding how to best educate your child such as:

1. What does the school offer for my child’s specific needs and desires?You need to prepare in advance for this question, determining what specific needs/desires that your child has.

2. How do I want my child to be educated?

3. What are the school’s vision and mission?

4. What are the principal’s goals for the next year?

5. What is the school best known for?

6. What will my child really learn?

7. How well do teachers build relationships with students?

8. How large are the class sizes?

9. How much technology is used in teaching and learning?

10. How much differentiation and individualization are offered?

11. What types of extracurricular opportunities are offered?

12. What behavior expectations and policies are in place?

13. What do current parents really like about their school?

14. What do current parents not like about their school?

Of course there are myriad other questions that can be asked, but the above can get you started.  Please add other questions you come up with as they will be helpful to others.

It is vitally important that you do your research and find a school that is a good fit for your child.  Visiting potential schools is a great idea as well because the “feel” of the school to you on a personal visit will tell you a great deal.

I wish you well on your journey!


4 Responses to “How Do I Choose a School for my Child?”

  • Sidney:

    Thanks, these are great questions!

  • Aspen:

    I too agree. As a single parent your questions were very helpful. I’m looking for a new school for my son and will definitely use your questions as I look.

    Thanks for your insight.


  • Sidney:

    I used several of your questions lately. I recently moved and they were very helpful as I just completed a search for an new school. They really helped me find a good school for my kids.

    Aspen, I’m sure you will benefit from these questions in finding a new school for your son.


  • Aspen:

    Thanks Sidney. It was great to hear how helpful you found the questions.


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